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Our Mission

The Friends of the Horsham Library seek to stimulate public interest in our library and to supplement funding to support the needs and library programs.

A Brief History of The Friends

The Friends of the Horsham Library has a history that goes back prior to the opening of the Horsham Library. A Book Brigade of township residents was the first set of volunteers, tasked with stocking the new library’s shelves. After the library opened in 2004, Mary Dare and Mike Colucci worked with community leaders to form the first Friends of the Horsham Library. The Friends are still going strong today, including three members of the original Friends.             Read More

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The Friends of the Horsham Library are nothing short of amazing. This hard working group generously supports the library and its patrons through an exciting variety of events and countless fund raising endeavors. It’s good to have Friends like this!  - Michelle C. - Former Friends of the Horsham Library Board Member

The Friends make so many “extras” happen here at Horsham Library. The museum pass program, implemented in 2018, was only possible thanks to the full funding provided by our Friends. The group always welcomes our ideas and feedback from patrons and this makes our partnership fun and exciting seeing our ideas come to fruition.  - Regina V. - Director of Horsham Library

When I retired as a public-school reading specialist, the volunteer group I most wanted to support was The Friends of the Horsham Library. I particularly love being involved with the Book Sales, as they provide a warm community environment, offer inexpensive books to community readers of all ages and generate money to support ongoing library events. One Book Sale was even a place for Horsham residents to charge their electronic devices during a winter storm that caused power outrages throughout the township.   - Lynn R. - President, Friends of the Horsham Library Board



Contact us to learn more about our activities, upcoming events and how you can help to support the Horsham Township Library.

The Friends of the Horsham Library Address

PO Box 736

Horsham, PA 19044

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Library Address

Horsham Township Library

435 Babylon Road

Horsham, PA 19044-1224

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