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Recent Activities

Let's Build a Pipe Organ

For the third year, OrgelKidsPA, working with the Friends of Horsham Library presented this unique, hands-on pipe organ building workshop to children ages 5 and up. Once again, three sessions were offered. The children in each session worked together to build a small pipe organ, then play it, and finally take it apart again. As always, the discussion was lively and the children were very enthusiastic!Thanks to Mr. Vince for continuing to bring us this fascinating experience.

Horsham Day

It was a beautiful day for Horsham Day 2024. The sun was shining, and the weather was warm.  It was perfect weather for seeing the sites, eating the delicious food, and talking to the Friends. Once again, the Friends and the Horsham Library had adjacent booths, and there were lots of visitors to both places. The Library provided information on the Summer Reading Program and had a raffle for some great prizes.


The Friends had lots of people of all ages playing our ping-pong ball game, where people tried to throw ping pong balls in cups. We had lots of winners and we gave out lots of books and candy. We also had bookmarks for kids and brochures and information for adults. We had good crowds all day and provided lots of information on our activities. Thanks to all the people who made our booth a success.

2024-06-01 Horsham Day Lynn Robinson Sit
2024-06-01 Horsham Day Regina Vesely and
2024-06-01 Horsham Day Cindy Zeising in
2024-06-01 Horsham Day Angie Mambu Laura

Bucks and Montgomery County Meeting of Friends Presidents

The Presidents of the some of the Friends of Libraries in Buck and Montgomery County met at the Horsham Library on May 18, 2024. This was the second gathering of this group, and a wonderful camaraderie and exchange of ideas benefits everyone in attendance. There are plans to reconvene again next year for further sharing! 

Mother's Day Plant Sale

On Saturday, May 11th, the Friends held our annual Mother's Day Plant Sale. Once again, we sold beautiful potted flowers and colorful hanging plants. It was a sunny day and everyone was happy 

2024-05-11 Plant Sale Couple Holding Small Plants.JPG

to be outside. Both hanging plants and potted plants were in high demand. The Friends hope that these flowers helped make a happy Mother's Day for many people.

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